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Sorry for the hiatus, I was busy planting trees…but on the bright side, there was a lot of eating that happened at planting camp thanks to the cooks Ceilidh and Hannah.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were spectacular. At breakfast you could be sure to find pancakes, french toast, breakfast sandwiches, perogies, or grilled cheese they would switch it up everyday which was awesome, and the meal never lacked amounts of bacon.

Lunch was basically up to yourself, I would eat pb&j’s all day long. Ceilidh did a great job of making a delicious snack for lunch; either M&M cookies, zucchini bread, banana bread, peanut butter and chocolate graham cracker squares and more treats that make your mouth water. 

Dinner was the best part of the day. Ceilidh and Hannah were the heros of camp, serving up something delicious every night. There wasn’t one dinner that I did not love. Not only did they make amazing entree’s, they had amazing desserts too, the homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing and “sex in a pan” were the best. Some of the entrees included chicken lasagna, pork chops, ribs, macaroni and ham, chicken parmesan, pork souvlaki, burritos, and more delicious meals. 

So here are a few pictures I took of the food that I enjoyed throughout my 2 month escapade.